executive development programmes

1.   Appreciative Inquiry
2.   Assertiveness Skills
3.   Building Winning Teams
4.   Business Strategies for Competitive Advantage
5.   Business Negotiation Skills & Commercial Contracts
6.   Business and Social Etiquette

7.   Coaching and Mentoring
8.   Creativity & Innovation
9.   Customer Focus
10.  Emotional Intelligence

11.  Giving Performance Review Feedback
12.  Preparing for Leadership
13.  Resonant Leadership
14.  Project Management
15.  Servant Leadership-cum- Level 5 Leadership

16.  Strategic Sourcing
17.  Team Building through Outdoor Activities
18.  Vision, Mission &  Strategy Workshop

Note: If you are looking for a programme title/ training need that does not appear above, please send me an email and we would be happy to provide guidance.

Programme Title: Preparing for Leadership Dates: 14-16 December 2016, Venue: Dharwad, Karnataka, India 

An authentic participant comment:  "I am really touched, moved and inspired by your training program. I have attended many trainings, but this training program was unique and excellent! Both of you spoke from the heart and entered our hearts. It was profound. We are all very grateful to you both, Sir."